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Faac online warehouse  - 105630445 price - buy online
Delta 3 kit 230v safe

MPN: FAAC 105630445 SKU: 256550 - EAN: 8055195035582

478,24 €
Faac online warehouse  - 109837 price - buy online
Motoriduttore 844 er z16

MPN: FAAC 109837 SKU: 254271 - EAN: 8055195003390

979,66 €
Bft spa online warehouse  - r925268 00002 price - buy online
Deimos ultra bt kit a600 ita

MPN: BFT SPA R925268 00002 SKU: 372395 - EAN: 8027908437266

352,82 €

Guide Materiale Elettrico

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Make electrical system in the garde

But is it possible to make an electrical system in the garden through DIY? With passion, dexterity and a little familiarity with this kind of system is possible, so in this guide we will see together ...

Floor electrical outlet

Floor electrical outlets are extremely functional devices that can be found in an electrical equipment store, also and above all with the aim of avoiding flying cables within an environment. ...

Grounding electrical syste

The earthing phase of an electrical system, domestic or industrial, must be carried out in\u00a0each apartment, office, commercial premises or any structure, because it is mandatory. This means that l ...

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Smart Home FEB | Smarthome for everyone. With Alexa and Google

Smart Home FEB to have a smart home. Feb Smart Home products can be controlled remotely via APP, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. ...

Multiple socket in every corner of the house | Rosi Emilia Smart

Are electrical outlets never enough? Introducing Emilia SMART by ROSI, the wall-mounted power strip to add electrical outlets anywhere in the house ...

| Automation special offers BFT, URMET and FAAC

| Automation discover the offers and the latest news on automation gates, gates, garage doors, shutters and barriers of the brands BFT, URMET and FAAC. ...

Questions And answers regards shop online And purchase Of electrical equipment -

We would Like To show you how we manage the online sales Of Electrical Material , the development Of estimates On electrical materials, promotions, shipments, shipments And returns

Frequently asked questions about electrical equipment online.

Are all the electrical equipment available?

The availability of the product intended as electrical material immediate availability or as certain information and on the delivery date was found to be a cornerstone of the online sale of electrical material. Those who choose to buy online also do so because they want to organize their times according to their needs, perhaps to organize work (and no one likes to delay with work!). For this reason, on electrical material we provide on the product pages the availability status of the same or, alternatively, an immediate availability check tool that allows our customers to check the status of the products via whatsapp, e-mail or telephone. . Thanks to the collaboration with our suppliers, however, at the moment we are able to offer Bticino immediate availability, Vimar immediate availability and Gewiss immediate availability for most of the products in the catalog.

Electrical Equipment Supplier - why to buy on dibiasi?

The presence of our online shop, as an electrical material retailer, began in 2002, when we started the online sale of the Bticino, Vimar and Gewiss brands.

Is the website safe? How is my data managed?

We constantly strive to guarantee the best experience to the buyer who chooses to buy electrical equipment on our portal. For this, we have entered into commercial agreements with the main companies operating in the world of online sales. We collaborate with American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard Paypal, BCC and Intesa S.Paolo! Payments made on our network are 100% safe. If you want more information on the security of our network, you can visit the section Security Policies in our legal area.

How can I recover my data if I forget it?

You can recover your password by entering your e-mail, your tax code or your VAT number in the form RECOVERY PASSWORD .

Do I have to register to buy?

To buy on you need to create an account. Alternatively you can send your product requests to our sales department who will create the user area for you

What is mean electrical equipment?

The term electrical equipment are indicated all those products used for the development of an electrical system. Examples of these products are switches, plugs and sockets, plates, diverters, circuit breakers (and circuit breakers) and the cable. Today in reality, with electrical material there is a tendency to also identify all that set of products relating to Home Automation, Security (such as burglar alarms, sensors), automation (both civil and industrial, such as for example motors for gates). Generally, each manufacturer divides its catalog into one or more civil series . For example, BTicino offers the BTicino Living Now civil series, the Matix and the Living Light (as well as other civil series that you can find here).

What is the return policy?

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the stipulated contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 days of receipt of the products, unless such products have been specifically ordered for the same.

Which couriers are used to ship electrical equipment?

We use the major Italian and European freight forwarders: DHL, TNT, FEDEX, BRT, GLS.
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